Results of Regional Council Elections 2019

Following the completion of ballots for the three Regional Council areas requiring elections, we are pleased to announce the make-up of each of our nine regional councils.

Ballots were required in the East, West Midlands and Yorkshire & Humberside with ballots closing on 3 April. The successful candidates in these regions were as follows:


  • Matthew Dalton
  • Rebecca Pickard
  • Tim Cook

West Midlands

  • David Ashbourne
  • Martin Flowers
  • Pete Afford
  • Peter Coote
  • Stuart Paul
  • Tom Gould

Yorkshire & Humberside

  • Samantha Isaac
  • Moira Gallagher

The names of the members of all elected council members can be found on the following pages

More information about our Regional Councils are available in the Board and National Council section of our website.