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Sportshall Athletics emphasises the importance of team competition, fair play and that taking part and trying your hardest is more important than winning.

Infant Agility programme

The Infant Agility programme provides an essential introduction to multi skills activity for Key Stage 1 children. Designed to be delivered both within infant school halls as part of the five hour offer, and also in central venues as part of a cluster festival experience, the programmes focus remains on fun, skill development, participation and self improvement.

Sportshall Primary programme

The Sportshall Primary Programme provides an essential component of the national competition framework for athletics. Recommended and endorsed by England Athletics, the programme culminates in an exciting series of county finals supported by Eveque.

Young athletes taking part in Sportshall

Sportshall Secondary programme

The Sportshall Secondary Programme builds on the Primary experience and offers ideal solutions to the challenges of intra-school competition and the retention of young people in competitive school sport following transition. Recommended and endorsed by England Athletics, the programme offers opportunity for progression to county and regional finals.

Sportshall UK Final

Held each year in Birmingham, the Sportshall UK Final is the flagship athletics development event of the year. Leading teams and individuals from across the UK gather to contest for national honours.


funetics provides fun athletics sessions to help 4-11 year old children learn, develop and practice running, jumping and throwing all year round.