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At England Athletics, we are committed to helping more people to start, continue and increase how much they run. We also want to help people to enjoy the range of physical and emotional well-being benefits this brings.

We know running with other people means you’re more likely to keep running regularly. We have also listened to lots of people starting out on their running journey who don’t yet feel confident to join a running club. To help bridge that gap we developed RunTogether.

RunTogether Groups

Led by qualified group leaders, the emphasis is on having fun in a friendly and welcoming environment, whether you have never run before and want to join one of our walk-jog sessions or you’re looking for a more challenging session, we provide a range of options.

Since January 2017, more than 2,000 RunTogether Groups have been set up around the country, with new groups created each week. Our community of over 80,000 runners enjoy the structured sessions, which include a warm up and cool down help to reduce injury and cater for all running levels:

  • Get me started – if you’re a beginner runner/ jogger, or if you’ve not run for a while and want a gentle introduction. There is no minimum standard or level of experience. It’s fine to walk a bit, jog a bit, walk a bit more.
  • Keep me going – these runs are for you if you generally run at least twice per month and feel comfortable running/jogging around 5km without stopping.
  • Challenge me – these run sessions are for runners who typically run at least once every week and are looking to increase their pace and / or running distance.
  • Mixed ability – many leaders offer sessions that cater for all abilities and includes activities that ensure everyone gets a good workout. These are ideal if you want to come along with a friend or family member who is a different pace to you.

Getting started

Search for a session near you on the RunTogether website by simply entering your postcode; there are thousands of sessions every week to choose from. Then register (for FREE) with RunTogether and book onto your chosen session(s). You’ll then have a personal ‘My RunTogether’ page on the website where you can track your runs, save your favourite routes and cancel sessions, should you need to.

The differences between a RunTogether Group and a running club

Typically, running groups are a great way to start running with others if you don’t feel like a running club is for you at the moment.

Groups often run a range of different pace sessions, which may start with a walk-run session, with the aim of building up to run for longer. However, some groups will offer faster paced/longer sessions, often as their runners gain experience and fitness.

Most RunTogether Groups do not charge an annual membership, although there may be a small charge per session, depending on the leader and facilities used by the group.

Many affiliated running clubs set up ‘Get Me Started’ RunTogether Groups as a friendly, accessible way to invite new runners to try running with them.

Running clubs that have affiliated to England Athletics can:

  • Register their athletes to compete for the club in events held under UKA Rules of Competition
  • Compete as a club in competitions
  • Access support exclusively available to affiliated clubs
  • Benefit from cover under the public liability policy specifically for clubs.

You can find out more about what it means to be an affiliated club, and learn more about what is involved in setting up a RunTogether Group.

Can a running club set up a RunTogether group?

Absolutely, RunTogether Groups have been created to encourage more people to run with others, particularly beginner runners who (we know from our research) often don’t see themselves as ‘good enough’ at running to join a club.

England Athletics encourage all running clubs to use the tools provided by RunTogether to set up groups to provide an accessible route for new runners interested in starting to run.

Become a RunTogether Group Leader

Leading a RunTogether group is a fun and rewarding experience and we welcome new leaders of all abilities and backgrounds. We offer training and support to help you get started and then to grow your groups and continue developing as a leader.

Find a Club or RunTogether group

RunTogether Group Runs

Interested in joining our group runs? Find out more on the RunTogether website.