Officiating Journey

Officiating athletics is fun, flexible, educational, and great for mental and physical health – and gives you the chance to make lots of great memories and friendships along the way. Being at the heart of events officials can be the friendly smile, the encouraging voice, and the supporting influence to inspire and encourage the next generation of people to progress within the sport across all the roles.

If you are able to come to one or two events per year, help out once a month or once a week, there is an opportunity for everyone to be a part of the officiating community! From technology areas like photo-finish, starting a race or directing the athletes during a cross country event – you can enjoy and learn officiating at your own pace in a supportive and relaxed environment.

Official Debs Biswas with athlete

Some of the additional benefits of being one of our amazing volunteer technical officials include,

  • The opportunity to remain involved in athletics whether you are an athlete/ex athlete or existing volunteer in another role.  
  • An opportunity to socialise with like-minded and supportive individuals.
  • The ability and opportunity to be involved in, and give back to, a community focused organisation.
  • Supporting and assisting athletes to perform at their best and achieve their goals and dreams.
  • The opportunity to officiate at local, county, regional and national athletics events and championships.
  • The opportunity to progress to international competition such as the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games and other international events for those with greater ambitions.

Find your local Officiating contact

Most areas have a local official who can help with any enquiries – the County Officials’ Secretary (COfSec)