Athletics Heritage

ESAA Champs Senior Girls 220yds Plymouth 1956_Credit Jill Lindsay_

Athletics has a long history, with its origins rooted in the ancient world. Over the centuries the sport has developed into the track & field, cross-country, road, and multi-terrain events we know today. 

England has a rich history of athletics, with successful athletes and coaches, and dedicated officials, administrators, and fans. We want to capture this history so that we can share inspiring stories and amazing achievements with current and future generations. 

By knowing who came before us we can find our own place in the athletics story.

The Heritage Project

The Heritage Project is a three-year mission begun in 2022 to catalogue the heritage objects and stories held by England Athletics (EA) and the Amateur Athletic Association (AAA) to ensure their preservation so that people can access and enjoy the collections.  

The aim of the Heritage Project is to broaden audience engagement with athletics heritage through physical and digital exhibitions, create a Heritage Hub where people can find information and resources about athletics heritage, and to provide opportunities for the athletics community, researchers, and volunteers to actively engage with athletics heritage and its ongoing preservation.  

We know that there are many amazing stories and collections out there beyond our own, part of the project aim is to create a heritage register of athletics collections held by clubs, private collectors and institutions so that researchers and interested parties know where to find information. 

Get involved!  

  • If you have an athletics story to tell, tell us! 
  • If you want to help curate future exhibitions, research content, or just love athletics and history and want to be involved please talk to us 

Contact our Heritage Officer, Claire McQuillan