Heritage Register

Daily Mirror 192 - Credit Jill Lindsay

If you hold an athletics heritage collection you can help us to understand the scope and depth of athletics heritage by contributing the heritage register.

Quick and simple to join, it will allow us to build a better picture of the collections which exist throughout the county in private collections, club and school archives or held within institutional collections.  

By knowing what is out there, we will be better able to preserve and celebrate the heritage of our sport. 

The Register

The register is a voluntary scheme, there no obligation to be part of it.  

It is intended solely as a resource for researchers and interested parties to enable them to find information about the collections which exist and how to access them.  

There will be no transfer of ownership of any collection or object.   

Location details of collections will only be disclosed to city/regional level.  

If you would like to contribute to the register, or for more information contact Claire McQuillan, Heritage Officer cmcquillan@englandathletics.org 

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