Athlete with Shokz headphones

Shokz (formerly known as AfterShokz), promoter of safe running, is the England Athletics headphone partner.

Shokz (formerly known as AfterShokz) was founded in 2011, in Syracuse New York. Since then, Shokz has been a pioneer of bone conduction technology, with over 1000+ patents worldwide.

Shokz - the only sports headphones brand recognised by England Athletics

Race approved: Bone conduction sports headphones are the only headphones that are approved for use in all road races under the UK Athletics Rules of Competition. The Rules are clear that “in ear” headphones cannot be used in events where roads are open to traffic. Using bone conduction technology and open-ear design, Shokz headphones is able to deliver stereophonic sound through your cheekbones to your inner ear. Potentially preventing accidents caused by traditional headphones and earbuds that block out sounds, runners can enjoy their music and still hear everything around them – including traffic, emergency vehicles and other warning noises.

Athlete using Shokz headphones

Safety is a top priority

We recognise that many of our participants across track and field and running enjoy listening to music while warming up or competing, so partnering with the number one bone conducting headphone brand means that we can better ensure their safety. Both England Athletics and Shokz are passionate about getting more people participating in running and athletics. Whether that is taking part in events, running solo or running socially with others, it’s key that their experience is safe and enjoyable.

OpenRun, Quick-Charge version of Flagship Model Aeropex

OpenRun is the latest quick-charge version of flagship model Aeropex, with all the original features loved by users plus a new 10-minute quick-charge function.

A 10-minute quick-charge provides 1.5 hours of play time. No more battery anxiety or delaying your training session because you forgot to charge your headphones. And priced at £129.95, it is more affordable compared to the original Aeropex.

  • BluetoothⓇ 5.1
  • 8-Hour Battery Life
  • Quick-Charge
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Lightweight 26g flexible titanium frame

Whether you run, cycle, sprint, or hike, they provide the safest way to listen to music or podcasts without detracting from the environment around you.

Shokz headphone package

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