Officials Qualifications

Whether you’re beginning your journey as an Official, or an existing official looking to progress, there are qualifications to suit everyone.

Unable to find an officials’ course?

If you want to be an official and can’t find a local course, contact Lauren Fryer (Membership Engagement Officer)

If you want to organise a specific course for your club or organisation, download and complete the expression of interest form (WORD 40kB) then email it to Lauren Fryer (Membership Engagement Officer)

Codes of Conduct, Licence T+Cs and Disciplinary Procedures

All Officials are asked at the point of training or as they progress through their officiating journey to sign and adopt the Officials’ Code of Conduct. The code is designed to provide a safe welcoming environment for everyone in the sport and reflects the required standards of personal and professional conduct in that role.

The Officials' Licence Terms and Conditions and Disciplinary Rules & Procedures have been reviewed to align to the UKA Safeguarding Rules and Procedures. There is now one common set of rules and procedures which apply to all participants in athletics.

Images (with exception of Assistant Track and Field) by Aleksandra Szmigiel (Roster).