Event Adjudicators

Event adjudicator at an event

More people of all ages, backgrounds, and aspirations are getting involved in athletics. One such opportunity is by becoming one of our event adjudicators.

All England Athletics/RunEvents (formerly runbritain) licenced road and multi-terrain races are visited by an event adjudicator to ensure compliance with licence standards and to give race organisers feedback on their event. This role is key to us continuing to work with our partners to deliver high quality events.

We are currently recruiting more event adjudicators. What does this entail, and what do you have to do?

  • You can still run in the races you adjudicate
  • We cover up to 100 miles in travel expenses
  • You make contact with the race organiser ahead of the race
  • You view paperwork on the day of the event (or in advance) and check some licence standards on the day following the checklist we provide
  • Complete a report post-race

It is a great way to help the sport and to get involved without sacrificing any racing you might want to do as well. If you are not taking part in races then it is a way to get involved in road and multi-terrain events. A typical 10k event will only take about 2-3 hours of your time on the day so you still have time to do other things that day as well.

The event adjudicator report is completed on our website and is sent to a regional panel chair who will note the contents and contact the race organiser if there are any issues. To ensure objectivity, the event adjudicator should not be part of the race organisation.

How do I become an Event Adjudicator?

To become an Event Adjudicator you have to complete an online test based on the RunEvents Licence Standards for road and multi-terrain races. All Event Adjudicators will have prior experience as either a Race Director or Endurance Official and are advised to work in tandem with an experienced Adjudicator on their first appointment.  

Apply to become an Event Adjudicator

If you are interested in this role then please get in contact with us via runevents@englandathletics.org and we will be in touch to talk to you some more about the role.

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