Assistant Track and Field Official

Official Debs Biswas with athlete
Pathway to Assistant Official

Who can attend this course?

Anyone aged 14 or over can attend this 4-hour course.

What will I learn?

You will learn both theoretical and practical elements of all the different areas of track and field athletics including:

  • The responsibilities and role of an Assistant Official
  • Measuring and recording times and distance
  • Making, sharing and recording judgements
  • Ensuring safety and reporting concerns
  • Communicating with athletes and other officials
  • Following procedures and applying basic rules

Next steps

  • Complete a DBS check (aged 16 or over) or a Self-Declaration (under the age of 16).
  • Complete the self-taught Safeguarding module (Aged 16 or over).

Once the above steps have been completed, please contact and we will process your licence.

How can I request a course?

The assistant officials’ course can be delivered online or in-person over one or more days as requested. England Athletics will provide the tutor, course administration and resources for candidates and for an in-person course we kindly ask if you can ensure access to the following equipment is in place.

  • Classroom or meeting room with digital projector and screen, flipchart and pens
  • Indoor/outdoor activity area
  • Stopwatches and measuring tapes (one between two candidates)
  • Relay batons, javelin (actual or soft play), shot put / balls
  • High jump stands and bar
  • Long jump pit / mat plus rake and take-off board

For any course enquiries please contact

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