Official using a walkie-talkie. Image by Aleksandra Szmigiel.

Who can attend the course?

Anyone over the age of 16 who is interested in assisting and would like to enhance their knowledge of the off-track endurance events including cross country, fell, hill running, road running.

What will I learn?

  • What we mean by endurance
  • To understand the skills, knowledge, experience, and aptitude of Endurance Officials
  • What equipment an Endurance Official will need to bring to an event
  • The Endurance Officials’ Pathway and progression
  • What the different areas of an endurance race are:
    • The Start
    • The Course
    • The Finish
  • To understand an Endurance Official’s roles and responsibilities including:
    • Sector Marshall
    • Race Referee
    • Start Director and
    • Finish Director
    • Course Director
    • Judging and Recorder

All courses will be delivered in an interactive practical and lecture setting.

Next steps for Level 1

Don’t worry if you cannot recall all the details including course code, name of field referee, as England Athletics can support you with this.

Progression to Level 2 and 3

Do you have the ambition to progress further in the endurance discipline? Further information can be found on our Endurance Pathway page, including accessing the self-taught modules for Level 2 and 3 Endurance Officials.

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