Photofinish Official

Athletes competing on the track. Credit Aleksandra Szmigiel.

Who can attend the course?

Anyone over the age of 16 who has an interest in athletics and technology can attend this four hour course (split across multiple days). However you do not need to be an IT specialist as all the basics of Photofinish will be covered on this course. The latest photofinish equipment is used to determine race positions, times and what images you can see at the other end of the camera.

What will I learn?

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of a Photofinish Judge
  • Understand how a photofinish picture is created.
  • Be able to interpret a picture effectively and produce a correct result.
  • The different roles within a photofinish team and how the team of officials work and support each other.

Next steps

Don’t worry if you cannot recall all the details including course code, name of field referee, as England Athletics can support you with this.

Progressing to Levels 2 and 3

Further Information can be found in the Track and Field pathway information and by contacting your Local County Officials' Secretary (COfSec) who can identify meetings to gain experience, source a mentor and offer support to individuals who wish to progress to Level 2. For individuals who wish to progress to Level 3, please contact your Tri-Region Upgrading Secretary using the contact details.

Regional Officials’ Associations can also provide additional training, resources, mentoring and support for accessing equipment for officials’ development. Further information can be found by using the following contact links:

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