Women in Coaching Programme

The Women in Coaching Programme is a collaboration between England Athletics and British Athletics.  The programme focusses on providing development opportunities to help upskill female coaches, officials, volunteers and other support staff whilst also addressing the issues of gender inequality in specific areas of the sport and providing a network and support system for women in athletics and running.

The Women in Coaching Programme acts as an umbrella under which three key issues will be addressed:

  1. Provide a network/support system for women in athletics:
    through regular group meetings and development opportunities.
    The women taking part in this programme will be able to access ongoing support and motivation as they develop in their roles and careers.
  2. Provide upskilling opportunities for female participants
    such as presentation skills training, access to team coach training and confidence coaching.
    The focus will be to highlight developmental pathways within our sport and to provide access to expertise.
  3. Addressing the issues that have caused the gender imbalance within specific areas of our sport (i.e. track and field coaching):
    ensuring that opportunities are made available within our sport in a fair and equitable manner moving forward. This must become standard practice for all organisations if we are to make real change to women in athletics.

Online sessions


James Hudson

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  • Eating around your menstrual cycle – Getting the most from your female body (James Hudson)
    Women are not small men, so they should not eat and train like them. This webinar is devoted to teaching you how to eat specifically for your hormonal profile, so you get the most from your training. In this webinar, James from Nutrition for Energy explains all phases of your cycle. He provides research backed interventions to help you get the most from your female body in each phase. James then converts the science into food by explaining these “interventions” with a day of eating. The second half of this webinar is devoted to explaining two example meal plans showing you how to put his advice into practice. Watch again coming soon.
  • An Evening with Jo Coates. Click to watch again: webinar. Q&A part 1. Q&A part 2.
  • The Truth About Confidence with Jules Wyman. Click to watch again: part 1. part 2.
  • Staying True to Yourself with Ashley Kovacs. Click for more details. Click to watch again: part 1. part 2. part 3. part 4. part 5.
  • Letting Your Light Shine: growth mindset and banishing imposter syndrome with Donna Herdsman. Click for more details. Watch again coming soon.
  • Introduction to being a Team Coach with Alison Potts, Lorraine Shaw, Jo Jennings and Charlotte Fisher. Click for more details. Watch again coming soon.

Session details

Confidence Group Coaching Sessions with Jules Wyman

Each session contains 20-30 mins content on a specific theme, followed by practices that you can apply in everyday situations to access even more confidence.

  • What to do when you don’t feel good enough. Click to watch again: part 1part 2. part 3.
    A high percentage of people have a perception that they are not good enough, which keeps them playing small and not going for opportunities in life. In this session we will look at simple and effective ways that you can see your own greatness, without crossing over into arrogance.
  • Removing the confidence killers! Watch again coming soon.
    There are many behaviours, habits and thoughts that can trip us up without us realising.
    In this session we will turn a spotlight on the confidence killers that lurk in the shadows and discuss how awareness can weakness their impact.
  • What to do when feeling nervous or full of self doubt. Watch again coming soon.
    Nerves are not a bad thing, but when they have all the attention, they can seem HUGE and overpowering. In this session we will share how to create a recipe to move away from nerves and toward …well what would you prefer?
  • Taking confidence to the next level. Watch again coming soon.
    Confidence is something that evolves with you, and we are all at different stages and levels in our lives. So, what do YOU need next? What will take YOU to the next level? This final session will give you the opportunity to check in and update your view of confidence for yourself AND walk away knowing what you can do next.

Ashley KovacsStaying True to Yourself with Ashley Kovacs

Click for more details. Click to watch again: part 1. part 2. part 3. part 4. part 5.

Described as smart, determined, knowledgeable and simply one of the best in her field, Ashley Kovacs has done what many track & field coaches aspire to do. Ashley is the coach to the 2019 World Champion in the men’s shot put plus she was the men’s coach for Team USA at the 2019 IAAF World Championships. Joe Kovacs’ 22.91m final throw at those world championships was a combination of hard work and incredible focus driven by Ashley and her insatiable drive to win. Her record speaks for itself and Ashley will be speaking with us about how she maintains that focus and how she continues to beat the path of success for her collegiate athletes and senior international stars whilst staying true to herself.

Stats:  1 World Champion – 1 Continent Champion – 2 World Championship Qualifiers – 1 NCAA Champion – 53 National points – 12 First Team All-Americans – 23 NCAA Appearances – 20 B1G Conference Top 3 Finishes – 12 B1G Conference Champions – 2 B1G Conference Records – 1 Athlete on the Bowerman Watchlist – 4 School Records – 2 B1G Conference Athlete of the Year – 2 B1G Conference Athlete of the Championship – 2 USTFCCCA Regional Athlete of the Year Honours – 2 USTFCCCA Regional Coach of the Year Honours – 2 Masters Degrees – 10years of full-time Division I experience.

Introduction to being a Team Coach with Alison Potts, Lorraine Shaw, Jo Jennings and Charlotte Fisher

Join Alison Potts (England Athletics Competition Events Manager), Lorraine Shaw (Former UK Women’s Hammer Record Holder and Elite Coach), Charlotte Fisher (Coach, Co-founder of Instigo Coaching and former England Athletics Road Running Manager) and Jo Jennings (two time Olympian, Commonwealth Games silver medallist and former Development Manager for British Athletics) who will be speaking about the roles of Team Coach and Team Manager.

  • Alison Potts has been a member of England Athletics Team Management since 2013. After being team staff on two Commonwealth Games, two Commonwealth Youth Games and numerous domestic and international team competitions, Alison’s can fully attest to the hard work and dedication it takes to running a successful team.
  • Lorraine Shaw has been described as an excellent Team Coach. She is able to call on her experience as an elite hammer coach combined with her experience as a seasoned international athlete having competed at 11 major international championships including 2 Olympics and 4 Commonwealth Games where she has won a Gold, Silver and Bronze medal.
  • Charlotte Fisher is a level 4 middle distance coach who has Team Coach experience at the Commonwealth Youth Games, U18 & U23 Europeans and also the IAAF World Half Marathon plus numerous England road running and cross-country competitions. She is able to combine her extensive experience working within England Athletics with over 25 years coaching experience to support athletes at international competition.
  • Jo Jennings has been both Team Coach and Team Manager at several international championships from age group to senior level. She brings her lived experience at the highest levels of our sport with her passion for supporting and developing our athletes so that they can perform at their best.

The panel will discuss the work that goes into being a Team Coach, some of the logistics needed as Team Management and the dedication and problem solving skills required to support an entire team at competition. As Alison says “I have been to some amazing places and had the privilege of meeting some fantastic people. It can be stressful and exhausting but I have loved every second of it.”

Donna HerdsmanDonna Herdsman

Donna Herdsman is an award-winning professional services executive & mentor who provides diversity and inclusion advice and support to as well as one to one career coaching. Donna has over 35 years’ experience as a management consultant and specialises in helping clients realise the business benefits from transforming their business and their technologies. Her career has included working in companies such as PriceWaterhouseCoopers, IBM, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and at London the Borough of Lambeth. Donna was also IBM’s Executive Partner Chair of the UK&I Ethnicity Leadership Team.

  • Letting Your Light Shine – growth mindset and banishing imposter syndrome. Watch again coming soon.  In her first webinar, Letting your Light Shine, Donna will be exploring the importance of recognising that your journey, being better tomorrow than you are today, is a lifelong commitment to being the best you can be. She will also focus on how to recognise that we all suffer at some time from imposter syndrome, but our collective responsibility is to push through to ensure that limiting beliefs, ours and others, do not define who we are now or in the future.
  • Microagressions – 9 June 7-8:30pm. Click to book online
    In her second webinar, Microaggressions, Donna will be discussing what they are and understanding how they impact you and the options you have for dealing with them.
  • Going Further Together – 22 September 7-8:30pm. Click to book online
    In her third webinar, Donna will be discussing how we can go further together. Mentors, sponsors, networks and asking for help are tools to support your continued excellence.