Team Staff Training Programme

Thank you very much to the 101 applications to the programme. We are delighted to announce that we have now selected 20 Team Coach and 5 Team Management mentees as well as 6 programme mentors. We will be starting the programme on the 2 July with our first webinar covering the roles and responsibilities of being team staff. All of the programme webinars are open for everyone to attend.

Roles and Responsibilities of Team Staff with Andy Day and Alison Potts – 2 July 2021 at 6:30pm

This workshop will layout the roles and responsibilities of being a good Team Coach or Team Manager and the skills required to support either athletes or an entire team at competition. During our careers in Team Management on various international trips, we have had the privilege of working with the very best in the business, both on and off the track. During this workshop we will be sharing our learnings and knowledge to enable you to develop as Team Coaches and Team Managers.

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Skills required to work with athletes at competition – 21 July 2021 at 6:30pm

Whilst the role of a Team Coach does not include directly coaching the athletes, it does require a unique skill set to facilitate a smooth and successful competition. Being able to anticipate and read potentially difficult situations, being able to adapt your communication style and remaining calm under intense pressure are just some of the skills required to be a good team coach. Scott Grace and Alison Potts will be outlining the ways that you can develop these skills whilst being on the programme.

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Webinars later this year

There are 3 more webinars planned in the lead up to Birmingham 2022. Please check back to this webpage for further information about the following webinars:

  • Team Coach Experiences
  • Scenario Discussions and Reflective Practice
  • Para Team Coach Training

General information about the England Athletics Team Staff Training Programme

An opportunity aimed at developing new team coaches and managers by providing them with a structured programme of webinars, mentoring sessions and team staff work shadowing opportunities.

Each year, a cohort of 20 coaches will be selected to take part in the two-year programme. England Athletics will select five coaches per event group (Endurance, Jumps, Throws & Speed) to participate in the Team Coach Training Programme and five people for the Team Management Training Programme.

Applications for this year’s programme are now closed.

The developmental webinars will also be available for the general athletics community to watch, while only programme participants will be able to receive the mentoring and team staff work shadowing opportunities.

The programme will provide:

  • Training on event specific rules and the general rules of competition
  • Organisational, logistical and management requirements dependent on the role
  • Duties and responsibilities training for each role as well as best practice guidance and support
  • Two work shadowing opportunities in your desired role area within the two-year programme
  • Developmental feedback from each work shadowing opportunity
  • Guidance on how best to engage in reflective practice for continual role development
  • Role and event specific mentoring

If you have any queries about the programme please contact Shani Palmer: