Mentoring Guide

Mentoring Guide

Mentor Guide coverMentoring is a key component of England Athletics’ coach development work. Through the Local and National Coach Development Programmes, England Athletics is facilitates mentoring relationships between coaches. The aim is to create a network through which knowledge and experience can filter and ensure that coaches feel supported at every stage of their careers.

England Athletics have worked with Sports Coach UK to produce a mentoring guide to support coaches on the National and Local Coach Development Programmes in developing such relationships.  Printed copies of the mentor guide are available for all coaches on the National Coach Development Programme.

  • For more information about the mentoring guide please contact Paul Moseley
  • For more information about the Local and National Coach Development Programmes click here.

Mentoring resources

Below are a number of useful tools and resources to support the development of coaches.
These can be used alone or in partnership with a mentor coach.



Useful for?

Why Use it?

Accompanying Template

England Athletics NCDP/LCDP Mentoring Contract A contract that outlines how England Athletics would like mentors and LCDP coaches to work together Mentee and Mentor    Ensures both parties understand the aims of the mentoring programme and what is expected within the participation

Appendix A (click link to download)

Mentoring Agreement A tool to help both parties set the ground rules for the mentoring relationship Mentee and Mentor Allows you to further explore how you are going to work together: frequency, time and type of interventions

Appendix B (click link to download)

Coach TNA (including both coach and mentor prompt sheet) A tool to enable mentees and mentors to identify the knowledge, skills and qualities a good coach/mentor needs Mentee and Mentor

Helps you to understand strengths and weaknesses.

Helps identify areas/attributes that need to be developed further.

Appendix C (click link to download)

A completed example is available to download at

PDP A road map to help someone achieve their identified goals (either as a mentor or as a coach)  Mentee and Mentor Highlights the actions and support needed to achieve your identified goals  

Appendix D (click link to download)

A completed example is available to download at

Effective Questioning Using the GROW Model A series of questions you can use to support a mentee to consider their coaching goal and the steps to take in achieving this   Mentor Can be used to support a mentor in pulling together their PDP and consider where they would like to be, where they are now, the opportunities available to them and what they will do to access them 

Appendix E  (click link to download)

Coaching Session Plan and Evaluation A coaching session plan and a prompt sheet a mentee can use (alone or with support) to help them reflect on the coaching session they have been involved in    Mentee  It is good practice for a coach to spend time reflecting on a coaching session so they can identify what went well and which areas need addressing.  Self reflection will help the mentee learn from a coaching experience. 

Appendix F (click link to download)

Coaching Observation Checklist* A list of coaching behaviours you have agreed to observe during a mentee observation    Mentee and Mentor Helps the mentee build a picture of how the coach and the coaching behaviours they exhibit

Appendix G (click link to download)

The REVIEW Process A prompt sheet that aids the self-reflection process after a mentee observation session Mentee and Mentor It should be used after an observation session by the mentor to aid the mentee’s self-reflection and shape the post-observation discussion

Appendix H (click link to download)

*Coach observations should be done when a mentoring partnership has developed appropriately and the mentee feels comfortable being observed.