From LiRF to CiRF

From LiRF to CiRF

Going from being a run leader to coaching your group

The step from being a leader to becoming a coach can be a challenge.  This workshop will give detailed information on the differences between the roles and the steps leaders will take as they take a coaching qualification.  It is engaging and interactive giving all participants an opportunity to share experiences and build support networks as well as clearly detailing the pathway to becoming a coach.  It is delivered through talking and practical activity.

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The workshop is for people who are currently qualified Run Leaders* who are looking to progress to the Coach in Running Fitness Course.

Cost: £20 or £30 for unlicensed leaders/coaches.

You will cover, through a mix of practical sessions and relevant theory:

  • The difference between a leader and a coach
  • How athletes develop
  • How learning takes place
  • Technical elements of endurance running
  • Planning a training programme
  • Coaching knowledge and skills to develop
  • What the CiRF course entails

Coaches to bring any food or drink they require for during the workshop. Some facilities may have a canteen or cafe area, but some will have no areas available to buy refreshments.

The workshop will be a mixture of theory and practical so please wear suitable clothing i.e. trainers, shorts / tracksuit bottoms.

*Run Leaders should hold the Leadership in Running Fitness qualification and have a current DBS check