Officiating Journey

Officials truly are the beating heart of athletics and running and at the heart of all the action. England Athletics wants to inspire Officials by providing direct support through our track & field journey and our endurance journey. Both journeys benefit from structured qualifications, practical competition experiences and ongoing development opportunities throughout. Its never been simpler to get into Officiating with our four easy steps. Make a start by booking on to your course online today…

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Step 1

To start your Officiating journey, you must complete a Level 1 qualification, in one discipline of your choice (Field Judge, Track Judge, Timekeeper, Starter and Photofinish), plus an online Health & Safety course which you should book onto first (before your discipline module).

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Step 2

Before becoming a licensed Official, you must complete 4 practical competition experiences, where you will be able to meet and learn from qualified and knowledgeable Officials.

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Step 3

To have a valid Officials’ licence, you need to have a current DBS check, which should be renewed every three years.

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Step 4

The final stage to complete your qualification and become a licensed Official, you will need to complete and submit your application for accreditation. This includes details of your qualification, plus a record of each of your 4 practical competition experiences.

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