Midstream Sports Lighting

Athletics track at night.

Midstream Sports Lighting is the England Athletics Lighting Partner

All athletes, from grassroots to elite level, understand the importance of performance… and so do Midstream.  Whatever the level, from training grounds to prestigious athletic arenas, their lighting solutions perform at 100%. Always.

Across the whole world of sports, from stadiums to local facilities, Midstream deliver world-class LED lighting solutions. "We have to. And we do. Because when the lights go on, total performance is expected - by participants, competitors, spectators, sponsors, or broadcasters. And because no sporting venues are the same, their high-definition solutions are the perfect match for whatever your needs."

What world-class LED lighting can do for your facility

Better lighting doesn’t just help to improve performance on the track and field. Midstream’s LED lighting solutions have proven time and time again how they can drive athletics facilities to achieve their goals, such as;

  • Dramatically cutting energy costs.
  • Reducing the need for on-going and expensive maintenance costs - saving vast amounts of money year-on-year
  • Future-proofing your facility for years to come via Midstream's extensive warranties
  • All whilst minimising environmental damage.

Better lighting can also help support you to get more people using your facilities - day and night - all year round.

Member benefits

Midstream offer free lighting assessments, consultancy services, planning guidance, site surveys along with full turnkey packages for sports lighting applications for the supply of floodlights, masts, columns, mechanical and electrical installation along with maintenance of floodlighting systems or retrofits. In addition, Midstream will be partnering with England Athletics to offer a host of webinars, in-person training and supportive guides - to help you understand what we as a team can achieve.

England Athletics has also worked with Midstream to create a simple, do-it-yourself guide on reviewing your current lighting solution. This step-by-step guide will empower you to understand, review and make decisions on your lighting needs and requirements.

Midstream Lighting held a webinar in February 2024 for England Athletics clubs: How much do LED Floodlights for Athletics Tracks cost?