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Playdeck UK Ltd is the England Athletics Track Cleaning and Maintenance Partner.

Playdeck UK Ltd is the number one choice for clients when it comes to installation and repairs of any type of Athletic Tracks (all systems) and polymeric surface. This is because Playdeck UK Ltd’s expert staff have been installing and maintaining polymeric and synthetic grass surfaces for over 20 years. They provide industry expertise that delivers a complete professional service that is proven and guaranteed.

Athletics track surfaces do not last forever, and it is essential that athletics track surfaces are looked after in order to maximise their lifespan and maintain their performance and safety standards. The most important step in maintaining a track surface is a regular cleaning regime and every attempt should be made to keep the surface clean and free of moss/algae, grass clippings, dirt, gravel and other debris. As a general rule, a full and professional deep clean of the track should be considered every three years, depending on a track’s location and its frequency of use.

Why choose Playdeck?

Playdeck offer a turnkey operation, cleaning and repairing of athletics systems - all of which are fully tested to UK Athletics and IAAF performance standards. Using their own specialised plant, equipment and expert staff, Playdeck UK Ltd delivers clients’ projects on budget and on time.

Playdeck's mission is to be the automatic first choice for the supply of sports surfacing installation and service in England and across the UK, Ireland and beyond. They achieve this by customer responsiveness, a fundamental commitment to quality, innovation in the use of supporting technologies, and creating a safe and rewarding working environment.

Services offered

  • Site visit and project review with client with no obligation
  • A designated project manager
  • Skilled & experienced track repair and cleaning teams
  • Total quality management
  • Innovative surfacing solutions
  • All sporting disciplines both indoor and outdoor
  • Rejuvenation services
  • Comprehensive after sales maintenance packages and repair service
  • Extended warranty available