Physical Preparation

Building on the success of the movement skills workshops, England Athletics have developed the Physical Preparation coach development opportunity which focuses on how athletes can improve mobility, movement and therefore athletic performance.  This is the third of three progressive workshops (following Movement Skills 1 and Movement Skills 2 online workshops)

Bookings for the Physical Preparation face-to-face workshops are currently on hold due to Covid-19.


  • A reinforcement of the key concepts introduced in movement skills 1 and 2
  • Develop the coaching eye to able to identify movement dysfunction in an athlete
  • Understand how a functional movement screen can support the development of movement ability
  • Exposure on how to use various tools to support the delivery of progressive and regressive drills and exercises
  • Know the role of a systematic training programme to develop an athlete


  • Enhanced understanding of movement skills 1 and 2 key concepts
  • Have the ability to select drills and exercises appropriate to the movement dysfunction
  • Know how to implement a movement screen consistently in a cycled program
  • Be confident in your ability to use a range of tools to deliver varying interventions
  • Have an understanding to be confident to develop and deliver a systematic training programme


Leadership in Running Fitness, Coaching Assistant or higher

Recommendations: It is strongly recommended that coaches complete the Movement Skills 1 online workshop, then Movement Skills 2 online workshop, followed by the Physical Preparation workshop.


4 hours