Clubmark is Sport England’s cross sport accreditation scheme for community sports Clubs, which aims to make sure the nation’s sports Club infrastructure is safer, stronger and more successful.

For new clubs it can provide a framework upon which you can build your club policies and procedures higher standards of welfare, equality, coaching and management in community sports Clubs.

For clubs who have previously been Clubmark accredited, in 2016 Clubmark moved away from a paper-based portfolio and all evidence submissions and assessments has moved online.

If your club is considering accrediting, or trying to re-accredit to Clubmark, please consider the following before you start:

  • Is your club affiliated to England Athletics?
  • Do you have a commitment from your committee/club volunteers to support your club through the Clubmark process?
  • Is there a willingness for your club to ensure its policies and procedures are up to the standard required?
  • Is your club committed to upskilling, developing your workforce, supporting athletes of different ages/abilities and adopting coaching practices as outlined by EA?
  • Are all your leaders, assistant coaches, coaches and welfare officers prepared to attend the required child protection & safeguarding course? (Clubs can’t pass section 2.4 of Clubmark without doing this.)
  • Does your club intend to use Clubmark to improve the way the club is ran and improve the experience for all those involved with it?

Please note, that you will need to achieve all the points listed above as part of the Clubmark accreditation. So, if your club is interested in obtaining, or renewing its Clubmark accreditation, it is worth giving these points consideration in readiness for starting the Clubmark process.

Clubmark can help you to improve your Club by…

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How can your Club achieve Clubmark?

The Clubmark accreditation process is now online and can be found on the Club Matters website.  To start your Clubmark accreditation, follow these simple steps:

Click here to access the main Clubmark website and find all the resources you need.