National and Regional Athlete and Coach workshops

National and Regional Athlete and Coach workshops

This autumn and winter England Athletics has launched a new series of event specific workshops which see coaches and their athletics coming together for training and development opportunities. These events have been well received by the coaches and athletes with more events planned for early 2018 that you can now book on to.

England Athletics Head of Coaching and Athlete Development Martin Rush said, “We have been delighted with the response to these events so far, especially the way in which athletes and coaches have interacted with each other and the deliverers at each of the events.

“We have seen international athletes and their coaches coming along, benefitting and also being very willing to engage with other to help each other build their skills.

“What has also been impressive is how coaches and athletes who are earlier in their progression and development are also showing superb enthusiasm for increasing their skills and taking a very proactive approach to progressing to higher levels of expertise and achievement.”

The Local and Regional Coach and Athlete Days are designed to bring together local coaches and athletes to train and develop expertise. They deliver a mixture of practical activity and theory content which enable coaches and athletes to mix and share experiences and cascade knowledge from the national level events. These days are organised and delivered by Regional Coach Leads in each event group area (endurance / jumps / throws / speed). These events are suitable for club coaches, and athletes (where advertised), who are looking to develop their skill level.  Suitable for Coaching Assistants, Athletics Coach and established coaches.

National Level Coach and Athlete days based around practical and theory activity in the same format as the local/regional days but with material presented at a high level with the aim of providing an intensive practical learning environment to stretch coach and athlete. There are for coaches qualified to a minimum of Athletics Coach or Level 3 with an aspiration to challenge themselves and the athletes they work with. These events are delivered by the Coach and Athlete Development Managers and National Level Coaches chosen for their specific expertise.

To view upcoming events for coaches and athletes for different event groups please see the links below:

Or to view a list of all coach development events that we have planned for the coming months please go to

Examples of events held recently are a National Coach and Athlete Workshop for Jumps and Regional Coach and Athlete Workshops for Speed.

National Coach and Athletes Workshop - Jumps

On the Jumps event at Loughborough there were around 60 people in attendance including athletes such as Tom Gale, Molly Caudrey, Jude Bright-Davies, Joel Leon Benitez, and Laura Armorgie.

Femi Akinsanya, Coach & Athlete Development Manager (Jumps and Combined Events) explained the first session got everyone talking when Tier 1 delivered on breathing, “They changed an athlete’s range of movement just by getting them to breath working on - Inhale via Nose (3-5 seconds), Exhale COMPLETELY via Mouth (6-10 seconds) – “Sigh NOT Blow”, Pause 3-5 seconds before another Inhale and to pay attention to their Rib Cage as they completed the exhale.”

Following this there were technical sessions on long and triple jump, pole vault and high jump led by Femi, Scott Simpson and Denis Doyle respectively before a further video analysis session.

Femi commented, “It was a positive, engaging day where all the coaches mixed and got involved in group discussion. The technical session was based on coaches’ feedback to what they saw and how they could make changes. Coaches felt comfortable to discusss what they saw openly with other coaches.”

Regional Coach and Athlete Workshops - Speed

With courses the length and breadth of the UK (from Gateshead to Plymouth) many coaches have had the opportunity to work with the newly appointed Regional Coach Leads and of course Coach and Athlete Development Manager for Speed, James Hillier on the regional programme of activity.

James commented, “It has been a fantastic initiative fully integrated into the England Athletics Speed strategy.  We have had the opportunity to not only work with up and coming young athletes but also develop and build long-standing relationships with their coaches.”

The workshops have been a mixture of theory and practical with the theory focussed predominantly on strategies for managing the potential of athletes – especially in a training environment.  In the practical session the athletes were shown strategies for a fast and efficient sprint start for both the sprint and the hurdles events. Coaches were included in all of the learning and whilst working with athletes is a new development this winter for England Athletics’ work, developing the coach still remains core to what we do moving forward.

James added, “We have a number of courses in the New Year focussing on maximising an athlete’s potential in competition and the maximum speed components of the sprints and hurdles events.  We look forward to seeing lots of new and existing faces in these upcoming courses.”

The feedback from the events held so far, as well as follow-up information provided to attendees, has been very positive and here are a selection:

“A great day and exactly what is needed especially if it leads to a Community of local coaches working together for the good of all.”

“I just wanted to pass on my sincere thanks for your time and energy last week.  All of the Athletes and coaches that work within my group were all very enthusiastic about the session and what they had learned during the evening.”

“Thanks for a brilliant workshop”

“Definitely feeling motivated and pleased my athletes (Matthew and Philippa) responded so well on Saturday.  Seriously contemplating the Event Group Sprints and Hurdles Module now.”

“Many thanks again for your input last Saturday, it was most interesting and will be very useful. Thanks also for the information you have sent since.”

“I am looking forward to implementing some of the things covered last weekend and also future events.”

“I thought the stuff you covered about the power position, punching back through the track and low heel recovery was very interesting and it's got me thinking about changes I could make to my own training programme as I prepare for the indoor season.”

“Thank you for the files and the workshop yesterday. I found it very informative.  I'll take a lot from yesterday transfer it into sessions for my athletes.”

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