Change Management

Managing change is important in order to achieve positive, long-lasting change.

Implementing change can sometimes be difficult and can be met with resistence. This collection and related resources offers advice and guidance on
how to ensure a successful change process.

Examples of change within a Athletics and Running Club:

  • Coaching structures
  • Athlete pathway
  • Format of events and competitions
  • Vison and values of the club
  • Club base/facility
  • Processes, polices and procedures

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  • Helps clubs to assess and understand the need and impact of change
  • Aligns resources with the club to support the change
  • Supports clubs members to understand the change and the process
  • Improves club member support and collabration
  • Minimise resistance to change
  • Maintain the routine of running your club during change
  • reduce disruption and risk associated with change
  • respond to challenges more efficently

Key Ideas

  • Create A Sense of Urgency
    Inspire people to act – with passion and purpose – to achieve a bold, aspirational opportunity. Build momentum that excites people to pursue a compelling (and clear) vision of the future… together.

  • Build A Guiding Coalition
    A volunteer network needs a coalition of committed people – born of its own ranks – to guide it, coordinate it, and communicate its activities.

  • Develop a vision and strategy
    Clarify how the future will be different from the past and get buy-in for how you can make that future a reality through initiatives linked directly to the vision.

  • Address the Cultural issues
    Remove the obstacles that slow things down or create roadblocks to progress. Clear the way for people to innovate, work more nimbly across silos, and generate impact quickly.

  • Managing the Transition

    Communicating process and challenges will help you manage change. Think about how you communicate with the different people in your club. Once the change process is implemented, it is natural that problems may arise as everyone gets used to the new way of running the club.

  • Sustain Momentum
    Reflecting on the change will help you continue to process and sustain the momemtum of change. Consider celebrating small wins and gaining feedback from club members on how they are findin the change.

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