Creating a vision and values for your club

This collection has been created to help volunteers create a vision and a set of values for their club.

Your vision is your forever statement.  It should be;

  • Simple
  • Personal connection
  • Inspirational
  • Looking forward
  • Aspirational

“A vision statement is sometimes thought of as a picture of your club in the future, but it’s much more than that. When creating a vision statement, you’re articulating your hopes and dreams for your club. Your vision statement is your inspiration, and it will serve as the framework for all your strategic planning.” The Balance Small Business

“Your club values are the beliefs, philosophies, and principles that drive your club. They impact the member experience you deliver as well as the relationship you develop with your customers, partners, and shareholders.” Haiilo

Acknowledgement: Annie’s Training Company have supported England Athletics to produce this collection including Worksheets, Factsheets and Videos.


  • Helps to ensure positive experience in your club
  • Unites and inspires
  • Increases and promotes collaboration
  • Clarity on roles and responsibilities
  • Focuses planning
  • Supports decision making and prioritization
  • Creates a strong club/group identity
  • Defines the leadership and management ethos

Key Ideas

  • Use the worksheets in related resources to help your club create or review vision and values

  • Be clear on how vision and values will be demonstrated

  • Committee to lead by example demostrating the clubs values and making decisons inline with the vision

  • Say why and how a decision contributes to your vision or has been made (or not made) because it is within your values.

  • Build them into your everyday processes - Include a review of your vision and values as part of your meeting agendas. This could be relating an activity back to how it helped work toward your vision or asking volunteers to give their updates linked to each value.

  • Start early – include vision and values in volunteer inductions

  • Create opportunities for everyone to be reminded of your vision such as add it to online assests or physical materials (waterbottles, lanyard, posters etc..)

  • Get creative. Think beyond the words and find ways to creatively represent your values. Use photos, ask someone with drawing skills to sketch them out or have someone write a poem about them.

  • Recognition and reward.  Create a ‘value of the month’ calendar and award a prize to the best demonstration of that value.

  • Repetition and reinforcement. Your vision and values are a key part of building and maintaining your culture and therefore will need to be continually repeated and reinforced.

Bitesize Videos


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Club Worksheet - Vision meeting structure
Club Worksheet - Values meeting structure

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