England Masters opportunities

England Masters opportunities

England Athletics recognises that a significant amount of the membership of road running clubs is made up of runners aged over thirty-five years and the Age Group Masters competition programme aims to recognise and reward the significant contribution that these runners make to our sport. Through an annual rolling programme of qualifying events and representative opportunities we aim to provide Masters runners with a friendly competition format and the chance to earn themselves an England Age Group Masters vest.

Whilst the Age Group Masters programme is a fairly new initiative it has currently involved runners aged 35 to 80 and above, with over 200 affiliated clubs represented.

How do I get involved?

Getting involved is easy - interested runners should check out this website and eNews regularly for updates on forthcoming competitions. If you are not signed up, you can ensure you receive regular news by updating your athlete profile www.englandathletics.org/myprofile (note that you can use the forgotten log in/ password functionality if needed).

The England Age Group Masters vests are earned through achieving a position in a qualifying race and depending on the race distance, an England Athletics Age Group minimum standard. Standards are regularly reviewed and will be advertised alongside the details for each competition opportunity. 

To be considered for qualification you should also: 

  • Be 35 years old or above 
  • Have a current athlete competition licence 
  • Be a member of an affiliated England Athletics club and eligible to compete for your home nation 
  • Have registered your interest via our website links prior to the qualifying race of your choice 
  • Enter yourself for the qualifying race directly through the event’s advertised entry system 

Qualifying for an England Age Group Masters Team

Age group runners who are successful in earning a place will be invited to join an England Age Group Master team at the event they opted to qualify for. Competition details will vary depending on the race, but we aim to attract good opposition teams to take on the England team with scoring for the team competition depending on size of the team and type of competition.

All qualifying runners bear the costs of entry, kit and travel for the event.  

Click here to view the Masters team for the 2018 Chester Marathon

Find out more

Email us at agegroupteam@englandathletics.org

For additional Age Group competition opportunities on the road, cross-country and track, visit the British Masters Athletics Federation website at http://bmaf.org.uk

Age Group Masters Marathon team opportunities

Four high quality races provide opportunities north and south of the country for club runners to challenge for a place on the England Masters team which will come together as a representative team at the Run for All Yorkshire Marathon on 20th October 2019.

Where can I qualify?

Qualifying opportunities:

How do I qualify?

To register an intention to qualify for the England Age Group team, runners must submit their name, club, age group, England Athletics registration number and event entered on our online form at www.englandathletics.org/masters-marathon-2019. You must complete this form before the day of the race that you will be competing in, and only England Athletics registered athletes who have registered their intention to qualify are eligible.

The top five male and female eligible runners in each five-year age band at each of the four qualifying races will be selected to represent England in autumn 2019.  To be eligible for selection runners should:

  • be a registered member of an affiliated club at the time of running their qualifying race and be eligible to run for England as their home nation
  • have registered their interest to be considered prior to running their selection race at www.englandathletics.org/masters-marathon-2019
  • have achieved a minimum standard at the marathon either in the qualification period or in the 18 months prior
  • enter the event as usual

Minimum Standards

V35: 2hr50 (men), 3hr20 (women)

V40: 3hr00 (men), 3hr30 (women)

V45: 3hr10 (men), 3hr40 (women)

V50: 3hr20 (men), hr503 (women)

V55: 3.hr30 (men), 4hr00 (women)

V60: 3hr40 (men), 4hr15 (women)

V65: 3hr50 (men), 4hr30 (women)

V70+: 4hr00 (men), 5hr00 (women)


  • Selections will also be subject to current competitive fitness. 
  • It is the responsibility of individual runners to enter their chosen qualifying marathon.
  • The usual entry fees apply.
  • If you are successful in qualifying for the England Representative event, runners will bear the costs of travel to the marathon and the entry fee for the race.
  • Team kit will be available for purchase.