Team and team staff from Granollers event

England Athletics (EA) is committed to developing fantastic inclusive environments for athletes to perform at the highest level and to the best of their albitites. Team staff are an essential part of these environments and can have a major impact on the collective and individual performance of the team. We are committed to having the very best team staff in the world.

The role of a high performing team staff member is different to that of a successful coach or international athlete. These experiences provide a starting point, but effective team staff members are expected to demonstrate a wide range of other personal skills, qualities and experience which are specific to the role. The roles are not designed to be a reward for athletes or coaches, they are a critical part of pathway for athletes to succeed at the highest level and the standards and skills required reflect that. 

For all representative team events, the Team staff will include some or all the following roles:

  • Team Leader and/or Head Coach
  • Team Coach(es)
  • Team Manager(s)
  • Accredited Personal Coach(es)
  • Para Athlete Support Staff
  • Sport Science and Sport Medicine (SSSM) providers such as:
    • Doctor(s)
    • Physiotherapist(s)
    • Massage Therapist(s)

Download selection process (PDF

Download selection process (PDF 360kB) Complete England Team Staff Expression of Interest