Text: "Thank you for your services to athletics and running"

Thank you

What better time than National Volunteering Week to celebrate the hard work, dedication and passion of volunteers across the country? Volunteers truly are the lifeblood of our sport. Without them, athletics and running would cease to exist. The England Athletics family would like to thank each and every one of you for your outstanding contribution to our sport!

Text: "2 million volunteer hours a year"

The impact of volunteers

It is estimated that around 2.25 million hours of volunteer effort are generated by members of the England Athletics’ athletics and running community in a typical year to help deliver the sport across the country.

And that’s very likely to be a conservative estimate given just how much time officials, coaches, leaders, club staff and, of course, parents give up that goes uncounted for.

Last year RunTogether's 9000 registered Leaders supported a staggering 52,400 runs!

We know that not only is the act of giving up one’s time a feel-good calling, volunteering provides arguably the most remarkable, powerful and fulfilling avenues towards achieving a thriving global society.

Polaroids of volunteers and athletes

Making memories

This year, we are using memories to celebrate the work of volunteers across England. Whether it’s your own memories as an official, memories of a coach who has helped you on your journey or memories of a club volunteer who supported you when you first became a committee member, we want to hear about them!

Don’t forget, you can also thank volunteers for their contribution by nominating them for the 2023 Regional Volunteer Awards or sharing their milestones of 1, 5, 10 or 20 years volunteering on social.

Coach showing athlete a replay on their camera

Your memories

“Thank you to everyone who has been brave enough to coach, officiate and volunteer in the sport. Without them we wouldn’t have got our sport to where it is today.”

Hayley Hemmings

“Thank you to my coach Paul Dickenson for showing up week in, week out whatever the weather and always bringing out the best in me. You inspire me every day and I will forever be grateful.”

Charlotte Payne
Text: "We are family" with collage of athletes and volunteers

Join the England Athletics family

Has all this talk about volunteering got you excited about getting involved yourself? There are plenty of ways to get involved in our great sport, including becoming a qualified Coach or Official.  And if the prospect of gaining your very own license wasn’t exciting enough, in honour of UK Coaching Week, we are offering everyone who signs up for a Coaching course between the 5th and 12th June a 15% discount (discount code UKCWD23 — only valid during UK Coaching Week). Become a licensed Coach or Official today and start making your own volunteering memories.