Training camp in Cyprus to provide "important developmental and learning opportunities" for English athletes

English athletes preparing for future championships will be attending a special training camp in Cyprus as part of the England Athletics Talent Pathway.

The athletes and para-athletes across three event groups – speed, throws, and endurance – and their coaches have been invited following their selection onto different pathway programmes, including England Athletics junior talent and senior talent.

The training camp, from January 3- 12, will provide different support depending on the level the athletes are on, including specialist coaching, workshops, physiotherapy, soft tissue therapy, and strength and conditioning.

Attendees will have the opportunity to gain experience about international travel and training overseas as well as living over several days in a high-quality performance setting within a ‘village’ environment which is an important yet often overlooked part of an athlete’s preparation for future championships.

The camp will be using the Tsirion Stadium, in Limassol, along with the region’s roads, running trails, and mountainous areas.

Spencer Duval, National Endurance lead at England Athletics, said:

“This training camp is part of the wide-ranging work we are doing at England Athletics through our progressive Talent Pathway support structure to provide opportunities for athletes who have the potential to compete at the highest level and help them realise their goals.

“Camps such as this one are an important step in terms of the athletes and coaches developing skills and competencies, sharing best practice, and learning about their sport in a challenging yet at the same time supportive training environment, facilitated by experts in high-level sports performance, medical and exercise science.”

“It’s also an opportunity for us, together with the physiotherapists and coaches, to collect data and get to know the athletes better which will be vital at future championships and Games.”