Podcast #27: Taking positives and learning from the last 12 months

Episode #27 of the England Athletics podcast:

To give a flavour of some of the topical discussion that will take place at this year’s England Athletics virtual Club Conference on Saturday 15 May, we’ve released a special edition of our England Athletics podcast! In this episode, a number of club volunteers join us for a panel discussion on what we have learnt over the past year and the positives that clubs around the country have taken from this challenging period.

"Now we're re-opening the club I think people value it a bit more, they've missed it. That adds to the club camaraderie." - Mick Bond

"In a lot of people's minds they'd probably see this last year as a wasted year. But that community spirit has grown and that has brought more people together." - Les Grant.

Topics covered include everything from virtual and Covid-secure competition, to running a club during a pandemic, and supporting athletes and volunteers.

"Talking and discussion is not quite as fluid on Zoom as it might be in a meeting but double attendance far outweighs that." - Mick Bond

"It's been an absolute revolution - I think the ability to talk to people online is going to be the way forward." - Keith Reed.

Joining us are Emma Hurst (England Athletics Club Resource Manager), Mick Bond (Chairman of Cambridge Harriers and Manager at Lee Valley Athletics Centre), Keith Reed (Club Secretary for Erme Valley Harriers and County Officials' Secretary for Devon), and Les Grant (Director, Doncaster AC and Coach at University of Leeds).

"I have come across some clubs who have actually managed to recruit more volunteers during the pandemic because people at the club or even the extended community want to help. There's definitely been a realisation that sport and physical activity plays a huge part in people's lives. Particularly grassroots sports clubs." - Emma Hurst

This podcast special edition is in association with the free England Athletics virtual Club Conference being held on  Saturday 15 May 2021 - supporting volunteers and clubs. The conference is tailored to volunteers of all levels and will feature keynote speaker presentations, interactive workshops and networking sessions. Click here for more information and to register free online (registration deadline 12 May).

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