Guidance update for restricted return to activity (for coaches, leaders, athletes, runners and facilities)

Following the publication of the new government guidelines on exercise we have been working with UKA and other stakeholders to create three guidance documents for our registered athletes, runners, coaches and athletic venues. These procedures apply to England only and are based on government guidelines detailing the use of public spaces, outdoor activity and exercise:

1. Guidance for athletes and runners return to activity
2. Guidance for coaches and leaders return to activity
3. Guidance for athletic venues return to activity

Athletic outdoor track and field facilities should only open at the discretion and with the consent of the facility owner, provider or contractor and we advise that everyone abides by the government guidance to Stay Alert.

Chris Jones, CEO, says: “The safety and wellbeing of all athletes, runners, coaches and the wider community is at the heart of our guidance. We know that everyone in the England Athletics family, including RunTogether are keen to resume running and athletics activity as soon as it is safe and appropriate for them to do so. England Athletics recognises that wish but at the same time wants to ensure that the safety and wellbeing of everyone in the athletics community, facility providers and the wider community is considered as the first priority.”

COVID activity return guidance infographicOur guidance provides sport specific advice to help athletes and runners in England only. It is important to say that any return to activity must take account of local conditions and any risk assessment for normal activities should be undertaken as well as ensuring that all government guidance around Covid-19 is taken into account. It is the responsibility of each athlete, runner, coach, and venue, to make that assessment based on their local environment. Risk assessment must take into account mitigations and plans for when activities do not go as expected. For example, an injury occurring and the need to access help whilst adhering to social distancing.

England Athletics advises that group activity does not take place during this first step due to the requirements for social distancing.

In addition to the guidance documents, please click here to read our updated FAQs document.

This guidance has been published on the understanding that it is an interpretation of government guidance relevant to the sport of athletics and running. It is likely to change at short notice; in which case we will publish updates through the England Athletic website and our social media channels.

Watch a supporting video message from Head of Coaching & Athlete Development, Martin Rush:

For any queries, please contact membership services.

Our registered members and affiliated clubs also have access to a dedicated helpline number from RoSPA, 0121 248 2235 or dedicated e-mail address, to answer any safety related queries.

All parties should note the following disclaimer:

Please note that the subject matter covered in this guidance is in no way exhaustive and the material does not stand on its own nor is intended to be relied upon as a substitute for obtaining specific legal advice. Individual circumstances will differ. The information contained in this guidance is given in good faith but any liability of England Athletics Limited or its professional advisors (including their respective members or employees) to you or any third party which may arise out of the reliance by you or any other party of the contents of this guidance is hereby excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law. England Athletics Limited and its professional advisors accept no duty of care or liability for any loss occasioned, whether caused by negligence or otherwise, to any person acting or refraining from actions as a result of any material in this guidance. We would strongly recommend that you consult professional advisors on specific issues before acting or refraining from action on any of the contents of this guidance.

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