Checklist for qualifying at Level 3 (T+F)

Checklist for qualifying at Level 3 (T+F)

Level 3 (previously 2C)

Accreditation to Level 3 can be applied for at 16 years of age.

To qualify as a Level 3 Official:

  • You have attended the Generic/ Health and Safety module and the Level 1 module for your chosen discipline.
  • You have obtained an officials’ Licence (which requires an enhanced DBS police disclosure check).
  • Complete the Record of Experience form in detail for at least a further 10 meetings in your chosen discipline after achieving Level 2.  This will need to include meetings at a higher level.
  • Obtain at least one positive report from a higher graded (preferably Level 4) official when officiating at Regional level event or above.

When you have completed the required competition experience and paperwork

  • Complete the personal details section of the Level 3 Accreditation Form.
  • Send this with the paperwork from your Logbook and a copy of the report by a higher graded official to your Area Tri-Region representative:
    - North: Moira Gallagher at
    - Midlands/SW: Derek Redfern at
    - South: Christine Baker at
    Note: You normally include your Level 1 and 2 accreditation documents and any previous Record of Experience forms with your Logbook.
  • A member of the Tri-Region group will assess the logbook and will inform you if you have been successful in achieving the Regional level or if unsuccessful he/she will give advice on what is required to achieve the Regional level.

The Tri-Region secretary will then send the authorised form to Officials' Accreditation who will credit the official via Trinity Course Management with their qualification, then forward the accreditation form to Pass Sport control for archiving.