Checklist for qualifying at Level 2 (T+F)

Checklist for qualifying at Level 2 (T+F)

Level 2 (previously 2B)

Accreditation to Level 2 can be applied for at 16 years of age

To qualify as a Level 2 Official:

  • You have attended the Generic/ Health and Safety module and the Level 1 module for your chosen discipline.
  • You have obtained an officials’ Licence (which requires an enhanced DBS police disclosure check).
  • Complete the Record of Experience form for at least 10 meetings (i.e. a further 6 after your Level 1) in your chosen discipline.
  • Complete the questions found on your course disk / UKA website. There is a general section and then a discipline specific section to cover.
    There is no reason why you should not discuss your answers with other officials, including your mentor. These questions are here to help you to develop as an official and you will need to use your rule book when answering them. They will need to be assessed by an appointed assessor who will also assess the Record of Experience.
  • You will need to provide the officials’ annual Record of Experience showing details of the duties performed, with the “what did I learn” section completed in detail and any mentoring information which can be recorded on the Record of Experience or on the mentoring pages. If the competition experience forms in the earlier logbooks have been completed these can be submitted but their completion is no longer necessary.
  • From 1 April 2018: 1 report to be completed by an official at Level 3 or above. For field judges the report will need to show that they can work competently on a long throw, showing full understanding of the safety protocols.

When you have completed the required competition experience

  • Complete the personal details section on the front page of the Level 2 Accreditation Form
  • To find out who will assess your paperwork, please contact either your Level 1 course tutor or COfSec. 
  • Send the Accreditation Form, the Record of Experience and the questions to the assessor (and to your COfSec as a courtesy).
  • Once the documentation has been assessed, the assessment section of the accreditation form will be completed by the assessor and sent to Officials' Accreditation.  A copy is returned to you with a debrief.
  • The supporting documents will be returned to you and you should keep them in your the Logbook for your records - you may want them if applying for higher levels in the future. 

This can all be done electronically as that is likely to be the most convenient method to use.

  • If sending by post, a paper copy goes to:
    Officials' Accreditation, England Athletics, Athletics House, Alexander Stadium, Walsall Road, Perry Barr, Birmingham, B42 2BE
  • A copy can be sent to the COfSec for reference.

Officials' Accreditation will assess the accreditation form and credit the official via Trinity Course Management with their qualification and attach a copy of the accreditation form to the official’s profile on Trinity.