Checklist for qualifying at Level 1 (T+F)

Checklist for qualifying at Level 1 (T+F)

Level 1 (previously 2A)

Accreditation to Level 1 can be applied for at 16 years of age.

To qualify as a Level 1 official:

  • Attend the Generic / Health & Safety module and the Level 1 module for your chosen discipline. Click here for details of upcoming Level 1 Officials' courses.
  • Complete a Licence Application Form if you have not already done so. Ideally this should have been done in conjunction with your course attendance and will be retained by the Education Coordinator for your area.
  • Apply for an enhanced Police Records Disclosure (DBS).  This can be done as part of the course attendance or immediately thereafter; it is often more efficient to apply for this without waiting to complete the required competition experience.
  • Complete the experience section of the Level 1 Accreditation Form for at least 4 meetings in your chosen discipline.
    You should show evidence of undertaking a variety of roles and in the case of field officials, of officiating in both horizontal and vertical jumps and both shot and long throws. This may require more than four meetings. Starter/Starter's Assistant need 4 experiences in each role; it is not possible to qualify as a starter without also being a starters’ assistant.

    Please note that for accreditation as a Level 1 official you do not need to complete the remainder of the Logbook.  If you wish to progress further then completing the Logbook is essential.

When you have completed the required competition experience

  • If sent by email, the Accreditation Form should be sent by the official and not by a third party to, as the email is confirmation that the information on the form is a true and accurate record of their officiating.
  • If sending by post, a hard copy must be sent to
    Officials' Accreditation, England Athletics, Athletics House, Alexander Stadium, Walsall Road, Perry Barr, Birmingham, B42 2BE
  • A copy can be sent to the County Officials' Secretary (COfSec) for reference so that they can retain county records, although a list of officials who have been credited with their qualifications is sent each month to the COfSecs.

If your form shows sufficient relevant experience your Level 1 licence will be issued.  Officials' Accreditation will assess the accreditation form and credit the official via Trinity Course Management with their qualification and attach a copy of the accreditation form to the official's profile on Trinity.