Webinar: Improving Club Inclusion Manchester Frontrunners LGBTQ+

This webinar was delivered on Monday 28th February 2022 by Jacqui Baines (Co-Chair at Manchester Frontrunners). The webinar provides an overview of Manchester Frontrunners history, management, and club activities. Jacqui also shares ways in which Manchester Frontrunners are being inclusive and provides some top tips for other clubs.


00:00- 01:44 Introduction and about Manchester Frontrunners

01:45- 09:52 History of Frontrunners and where the name came from

09:53- 12:17 Frontrunners today

12:18- 14:01 Manchester Frontrunners management

14:02- 19:23 Manchester Frontrunners activities

19:24- 28:21 What do we mean by inclusion and what Manchester Frontrunners do

28:22- 36:05 Top tips to be more welcoming and inclusive

36:06- 37:37 So what? Why is inclusion important?

37:38- 38:17 Meet Billy!

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