Eating Disorders in athletics and running webinar

Eating disorders in athletics and running webinar with Beat (the UK’s eating disorder charity)

This webinar was delivered on Tuesday 15th February 2022 by Martha Williams (Clinical Advice Coordinator at Beat), Abbie Cranage (England Athletics Club Standards and Compliance Officer) and Liz Purbrick (England Athletics Inclusion Manager). The webinar covers understanding eating disorders, spotting the signs and what to do if you have a concern about someone.

  • Introductions (0:00-02:46)
  • The facts (02:47-04:01)
  • What is an eating disorder (04:02-06:13)
  • Causes and risk factors (06:14-07:35)
  • The 3 major eating disorders (Anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder) (07:36-14:13)
  • Spotting the warning signs (15:14-16:55)
  • How to approach someone if you have a concern (16:56-25:28)
  • Eating disorders and athletics (25:29-28:06)
  • Overtraining risks- RED-S (28:07-32:26)
  • Safeguarding (32:27- 35:24)
  • What Beat do and further information and support (35:25-37:19)
  • England Athletics guidance on how to raise a concern (37:20- 39:45)