Club Membership Form

This template provides clubs with sample questions can be used to create their own membership form either paper based or using digital platform. Clubs can adapt, tailor and brand the membership form to suit their own needs. Guidance notes for each section can be found on pages 8 and 9.

Digital Platform

Whilst England Athletics does not recommend a specific digital platform to help clubs register their membership, we can share a list of the platforms that athletics and running clubs have told us they use:

  • Spond
  • Member Mojo
  • Love Admin
  • connectMyClub
  • Survey Monkey
  • Google Forms

myAthletics Portal

Once you have collected member information you can upload this on myAthletics Portal.  The portal has the functionality for you to do the following;

  • Register athletes and runners, both EA and social members
  • Membership payment management. Create your own membership types and set         membership prices
  • Secure online payments. Set your club up to send payment requests to your members
  • Track orders. Check the status of membership orders
  • Group management. Carry out actions based on groups you’ve create
  • Send emails to your club members

Club members can log on to their own profile on MyAthletics Portal to update their personal details and confirm they have agreed to the codes of conduct.

COMING SOON- Clubs can download an anonymous diversity profile to understand better the demographics of their club