Club Guide - Managing Club disputes and complaints

England Athletics seeks to provide an environment where all, and specifically those who are vulnerable, are kept safe from harm, abuse and neglect while they are involved with athletics. This guide aims to help you manage any club disputes and complaints that may arise.

Most people have a positive experience in athletics  and running clubs, but unfortunately problems such as disputes and poor behaviour can occur. It’s therefore important that your club understands how to manage any issues, by having a clear process in place.
We recognise clubs are managed by club members and/or volunteers, so this guide aims to help clubs manage misconduct and disciplinary matters at a local level so any actions, recommendations, outcomes or sanctions are fair and reasonable.

This guide will:

  • provide a process for club members and/or volunteers to follow for managing disputes and complaints
  • give club members and/or volunteers the skills and tools to help them manage the process
  • enable clubs to communicate a clear procedure to its club members and/or volunteers
  • help club members and/or volunteers understand the reporting mechanism and support available from England Athletics.