UK Athletics and HCAF Child Safeguarding Procedures

UK Athletics, the four Home Country Athletics Federations (HCAFs) and all affiliated clubs and organisations have a responsibility to protect children and young people participating in our sport from harm, abuse and exploitation, and safeguard their wellbeing. This responsibility extends
to developing and applying consistent and robust case management procedures to reported safeguarding concerns.

These procedures apply to the following governing bodies in athletics:

  • UK Athletics (UKA)
  • England Athletics (EA)
  • Athletics Northern Ireland (ANI)
  • Welsh Athletics (WA)
  • Scottish Athletics (SA).

Any reference to UK Athletics means UK Athletics and the above listed HCAFs.  These procedures detail the steps to be taken when a concern is raised that a child or young person involved in athletics and related activities, is at risk of or is experiencing harm. They should be
implemented with reference to the Child Safeguarding Policy and supporting information.

For the purposes of these procedures, a child means a person who has not attained the age of 18 years.