Weekly30 Run Challenge

Weekly30 Run Challenge reaches the finish line!

With running activity resuming and Covid-19 restrictions easing, the virtual Weekly30 Run Challenge has reached its finish line! Thank you to the hundreds of participants who motivated themselves, and others, to run for 30 minutes each weekend in a bid to keep running, stay active and help their mental wellbeing through the pandemic. 

The challenge has incorporated 49 weekends of running (28 weeks in 2020 and 22 weeks in 2021) with participants from every corner of the country.  Some runners challenged themselves to improve week-on-week and others were competing to be crowned the weekly leading runners, whilst some clubs and groups were running en masse – seeking to clock up the highest total mileage! 

Participants were challenged to run as far as they can in 30 minutes on Saturday or Sunday each week (following government guidelines while running) – with every weekend a new competition! Once registered for free with OpenTrack, participants completed their weekly run at any time on a Saturday or Sunday and then uploaded evidence of their run to OpenTrack. Every runner can see their results added to the scoring tables, with both total distance and average distance contributing to overall league tables.

Congratulations to those leading runners, clubs and groups from our final weekend of running.