Spirit of 2012

Spirit of 2012 awarded England Athletics over £900,000 in October 2016 to deliver the volunteering strand of the 2017 London World Athletics Championships Inspiration programme. The programme will last three years.

The Inspiration programme, known as Team Personal Best, was designed to get people who were encouraged by London’s role as host to get involved in athletics & running, and to transform the experience of volunteering in the sport post-Championships.

The Team Spirit programme is building an attractive volunteering identity and community which is already making volunteers, both new and existing, feel more positive and proud of their contribution to our sport, no matter the time they’re able to give. The ethos behind Team Spirit is simple; Team Spirit means a feeling of pride and loyalty that exists between all members of the volunteering community. The funding Spirit of 2012 has given England Athletics is bringing people together of all ages and backgrounds, regardless of any physical or mental disabilities. They are able to grow, learn, share and celebrate with each other through a range of Spirit-funded initiatives. Every project has the ultimate ambition of making volunteering in Athletics and Running easier, more accessible and more enjoyable.

Spirit of 2012 funding has already had a profound and lasting impact on England Athletics’ approach to volunteering. Through Spirit’s Theory of Change, England Athletics have embedded the core beliefs around improving wellbeing, changing perceptions around disability, and creating greater social cohesion. We have begun to improve our volunteering programme as a result.

The core projects funded by Spirit of 2012 are:

  1. Team Spirit Champions
  2. Team Spirit Ambassadors
  3. Team Spirit Game Changers
  4. Team Spirit conferences, campaigns and events
  5. Team Spirit online community and support.

How can I keep up-to-date on these opportunities?

You can see the Volunteering section of our website and join our online Facebook community! Team Spirit is an online community, encompassing athletics & running volunteers in all roles, from all backgrounds and encourages individuals to share knowledge and ideas. England Athletics use the page to keep volunteers in the loop with opportunities that may interest them, celebrating the success of the volunteers and even run member-only competitions. Team Spirit members are usually the first to get the inside scoop on opportunities, so don’t delay; join in here!

If at any point you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch at volunteering@englandathletics.org