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Optimi - your access to science based, elite sports medicine. 

England Athletics is partnering with Optimi Health, an intelligent, digital sports and exercise medicine platform backed by professional athletes and top clinicians. 

Optimi’s clinical expertise is driven by the former Head Physio of Australian U20s Rugby and by the Chief Medical Officer of Australian Rugby League. Optimi’s mission is to make world class sports medicine accessible to all, regardless of athletic ability. 

Access to high quality sports medicine is really challenging for many of our communities. Long waiting lists and expensive private care delivered by professionals with limited sport expertise, mean that we’re often simply unable to access the tried and tested methodologies developed and applied in elite sports. 

Our partnership with Optimi changes this and provides you with direct access to the latest evidence-based care. 

Optimi is currently focused on the delivery of sports physiotherapy. In the future, Optimi plans to offer a full spectrum of sports medicine services, including strength & conditioning, personalised nutrition and performance psychology & coaching. 

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How does Optimi work?

  1. The Optimi app provides access to expert human care, supported by behavioural science and intelligent technology. 
  2. The Optimi app provides you with instant access to a medically certified triage tool, guiding you to the right support for both injury prevention and injury treatment.
  3. Choose whether you would like an interactive self-managed programme designed by the Optimi clinical team, or whether you would like to connect directly with an Optimi clinician and work 1:1 with them remotely. 
  4. Receive your personalised plan and track key performance and health metrics as you progress. 
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Member Offers: join our early launch pilot

We’re looking for clubs and individuals who would like to join our early launch pilot. By enrolling in the pilot, you'll enjoy exclusive access to discounted rates and the unique opportunity to provide direct feedback to Optimi, helping to shape the innovation driving the Optimi platform. 

Spaces our limited and will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.


Why Optimi?

1. Medical Excellence. Optimi clinicians are trusted by some of the world’s top athletes and have experience across a range of elite sports in the UK, Australia, the US and the Nordics. The Optimi app makes their knowledge directly accessible to you, either via 1:1 care or via self-managed programs designed by their team of experts.

2. Intelligent Technology. Optimi’s technology is medically certified, ensuring that you are receiving safe and effective care. The intelligent technology not only guides you to the right care but also supports Optimi clinicians, with tools designed to support diagnosis and optimise treatment protocols. This self-learning technology helps to ensure that you are receiving the most informed and effective care possible. 

3. Instant, Remote Access. The Optimi app connects you with world-class care, no matter where you are based. Self-managed programs are instantly accessible at all times. 1:1 care is delivered via video calls with text message follow ups in between appointments, to help keep you on track.

**Pilot Details

Optimi is a new, innovative company operating at the cutting edge of sports medicine by combining clinical expertise with intelligent technology. They are currently running pilots with a number of organisations in the UK and Australia. The pilots are being used to shape the development of new features and to evolve their intelligent technology.

Pilot participation requires you to purchase and engage in a self-manage or 1:1 plan for 6-8 weeks and provide feedback via 2 phone calls and 2 short surveys. 

Self-managed plans are priced at £10 per month. 1:1 care is priced at £99 for a video consultation with your expert of choice, followed by the creation of a bespoke, personalised plan and 2 weeks of text message coaching from your expert to test and adjust your plan. 

Participation in the pilot will secure you with lifetime access at discounted rates and will also enable you to express your opinion on future development, including your own wish list of capabilities and features. 

Please note, spaces are limited, and the opportunity will be closed once capacity is reached.