Coach Development

Coach Development

In this section you can find out more about our:

The principles by which we operate are as follows:

  • All activity is run as locally as possible with the needs of the coaches as the first consideration.
  • Actively encouraging coaches to bring their groups together on a regular basis, facilitating the coaches to work together and learn from each other.
  • All coaches who participate in any regular programmes are asked to support other less experienced coaches in return.

The programme is managed nationally by Martin Rush (Head of Coaching and Athlete Development –, and is supported by the Coach & Athlete Development Managers. At a local level the programme is coordinated by Paul Moseley (Coach Education Workforce Manager), who can be contacted at

You can also find out more about coach development opportunities in your area through your Club Support Manager. For more details see your local information at Contact details for different programmes are also given below and in relevant sections.

General enquiries about Coach Education should be directed to

CPD Opportunities

A programme of opportunities that are consistent across the country to help coaches improve, develop and also share their expertise with others – click here to learn more about CPD Opportunities.

These include:

Tailored Development Opportunities

These are similar to the CPD Opportunities but are more flexible in their content which may be drawn up to specifically respond to identified requirements of a group of coaches. These could be tailored to suit people based on an event group, geographic or any other basis. 

  • Workshops - a range of workshops are held at local and event group level in response to the specific requirements of groups of coaches. To find out more see our Events section
  • Flying Coach visits – This scheme sees top coaches visiting local clubs to work directly with club coaches, the emphasis is on helping the coach's expertise in a particular technical event in a practical coaching environment. Click here to learn more about Flying Coach
  • Club Run – this programme for road running clubs Club Run offers participating clubs a free series of practical coaching sessions led by a coach from the National Coach Development Programme with experience in road running. Click here to learn more about Club Run
  • Masterclasses – These events see our coaches able to access the expertise of high level coaches who have a proven level of success at national and international level. To find out more see our Events section
  • Women in Coaching – This programme is to help encourage and empower women to start on the coaching pathway and support women to transition to higher levels of coaching. Click here to find out more about Women in Coaching

National and Local Coach Development Programmes

Our National and Local Coach Development Programmes enable coaches to become part of a systematic development programme. Many of the opportunities created as part of the National and Local Coach Development Programmes form part of our CPD Opportunities, and Tailored Development Opportunities.

You can find out more about the National and Local Coach Development Programmes here.

Coaching accreditation for championships

Coaching accreditation for many England Athletics championship events is available. To apply for accreditation for our events please click here to download the application form. Please note we are not responsible for accreditation to non England Athletics events.

Supporting Club Coaches

Resources for clubs to support their volunteers are available in the Volunteer Resources section of Clubs Section of the website.