Coach Development

Coach Development

England Athletics will deliver a programme of coaching development opportunities to support the formal coach education pathway as well as support those coaches with more experience already working in clubs. The aim of the programme is to ensure we have a clear coaching pathway with workshops to support practical learning and development to help coaches. The coach development programme at both a local and national level will continue to support individuals through mentoring, workshops, master classes, and the flying coach programme which is a scheme also available to clubs.

The England Athletics Coach Development and Education Manager is Paul Moseley who can be contacted at You can also find out more about coach development opportunities in your area through your Club and Coach Support Officer. For more details see your local information at Contact details for different programmes are also given below and in relevant sections.

General enquiries about Coach Education should be directed to 

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Movement Skills Running, Jumping and Throwing

The movement skills in running, jumping and throwing will be a series of three workshops organised by your local Club and Coach Support Officer.

Who can attend?

Coaching Assistants and Leadership in Running Fitness (LiRF), although any level of coach can attend, including coaches who have previously been involved with the LCDP and benefited from the physical preparation curriculum.

The workshops are £15 and available to all licenced leaders, assistants and coaches.

The aim of the workshops is to give leaders and coaches the understanding of:

  • Movement and Shape – including how we move
  • Physical Preparation
  • How to develop the physical qualities required to complete the technical elements of running, jumping and throwing events.
  • Introduction to the skeleton and how this links to mobility / stability
  • Trunk stability, strength, power and mobility are examples of essential physical qualities that underpin athletics performance at whatever level; from recreational running through to an Olympic javelin thrower.
  • Inclusive and can be adapted for disabled athletes

Whilst the workshops are progressive in content, coaches will be able to book onto the workshops independent of one another.

How do I book onto the Movement skills RJT workshops

Courses cost £15

Who do I contact for further information on the workshops?

Click onto    Using the map click on the specific area you are looking for and then contact your local Club and Coach Support Officer.

Coaching NCDP logo

National Coach Development Programme (NCDP)

Reporting to a National Coach Mentor Lead, a team of National Coach Mentors (NCMs) is responsible for the delivery of the National Coach Development Programme, primarily for coaches qualified at Athletics Coach level of higher (or former Level 3 and 4).

Programmes are determined largely by the needs of the group of coaches who are taking part and run at relevant times and locations for them.  The largest part of the programme is the day to day support of coaches by NCMs, primarily at a distance by e-mail and phone, with video analysis used to escalate the level of support available.

NCDP coaches will receive an individual development plan tailored to their needs and goals, and access to top level support services, technical conferences and workshops. Coaches on the programme are brought together regularly  to share knowledge and experience via local cell activity or at National group get-togethers which take place at least 3 times per year.

Click here for more information on the NCDP

Flying Coach Development Programme

Under the scheme top coaches visit local clubs or Athletics Networks to fill specific knowledge gaps identified by local coaches. These visits create an important development opportunity for both coaches. Clubs are encouraged to work together to host the sessions where this is appropriate. To find out more or arrange a visit please click here.

Disability Inclusion Training

The UK Disability Inclusion Training-Athletics course is a general awareness course to support clubs and coaches to include disabled people in athletics.  The 7hr course is for anyone who is involved in an athletics club who wants to know more about including disabled people in our sport.  The practical session is particularly relevant to coaches and leaders and the course is ideally designed for people who have little or no experience of working with disabled people and who aren’t necessarily working with disabled people already.  For more information, or to find out how to book a course, click here.
Click here to find out more about coaching a disabled athlete.

Courses, workshops and Masterclasses for coaches

England Athletics organises and holds coach education courses and non-qualification based development opportunities.

To find out more about the qualifications and associated courses available visit our Qualifying As A Coach section here.

We also believe coach development is not solely about formal qualifications and so offer a range of other opportunities to learn more and share ideas. Click here to visit the events section to find out about development opportunities near you. Over the course of the year a series of 2-3 hour coaching Masterclasses are held across the country, often linked to major events and utilizing visiting coaches.These are also listed as coaching events in our events section.

Coaching accreditation for championships

Coaching accreditation for many England Athletics championship events is available. To apply for accreditation for our events please click here to download the application form. Please note we are not responsible for accreditation to non England Athletics events.

Bruce Longden Coaching Foundation

Bruce Longden coached athletes including Sally Gunnell and Daley Thompson, guiding both to Olympic Gold and World records. This Foundation has been established to carry on the legacy of Bruce Longden, who was so unexpected taken from us in July 2012. His passion was to help coaches, at all levels, to enhance their knowledge and especially in the hurdles events, and to therefore help athletes develop as well. To promote the development of coaches in track and field athletic events, specifically hurdling, and also promote the development of athletes in hurdling. To find out more please see

Supporting Club Coaches

Resources for clubs to support their volunteers are available in the Volunteer Resources section of Clubs Section of the website.