Event Adjudicators

An event adjudicator volunteering at an event

Event Adjudicators are responsible for monitoring and evaluating adherence to the RunEvents Licence Standards to ensure that standards within the sport are met and a methodology exists to evaluate and maintain and raise standards of event management.

The number of Officials at a race can vary dependent on the nature of the race, the number of runners and whether or not chip timing is in use. Except for in exceptional circumstances, the Event Adjudicator will act alone with the remit to observe any area or function defined in the RunEvents Licence Standards.

Event Adjudicators have responsibilities which are broadly equivalent to a Licensed Endurance Official and will receive a licence and cover under the England Athletics Public Liability Insurance policy. 

To become an Event Adjudicator you have to complete an online test based on the RunEvents Licence Standards for road and multi-terrain races. All Event Adjudicators will have prior experience as either a Race Director or Endurance Official and are advised to work in tandem with an experienced Adjudicator on their first appointment.  

Apply to become an event adjudicator

Event Adjudicator’s duties and responsibilities

Event Adjudicators are responsible for producing a report on behalf of RunEvents for the race they have attended, detailing issues that arise from any of the following:

  • Start and/or Finish area
  • Number of marshals available to assist runners in the following areas; Start Line, Pre-Finish, Finish, Post Finish
  • Course signage
  • Event briefing for marshals
  • High visibility clothing for marshals and volunteers
  • Lead and/or sweep vehicle or cyclist
  • Water stations
  • Medicial provision available
  • Risk assessments
  • Course measurement

Event Adjudicators must complete their report covering the above areas and then flag any areas for concern. This report is then shared with the Race Director and the Regional Licensing Panel. The Regional panel will follow up with the Race Director any issues that cause concern.