Volunteer at the Brighton Marathon and guarantee your club additional places at the 2024 TCS London Marathon

Last December London Marathon Events (LME) stepped in to save the Brighton Marathon after the former owners went into administration. More than 12,500 participants are now expected to take part in the Brighton Marathon and BM10K on Sunday 2 April.

Volunteers are needed to help at the start from 06:00 and to help with baggage at the finish from 08:00.

A Brighton Marathon volunteer jacket will be provided for all volunteers, as well as lunch for all volunteers whose shift is six hours or longer.

It is set to be a wonderful day as this great event returns. LME has honoured all the places bought by individuals and charities from the previous owners and enabled these places to be used in the 2023 event with no further payment.

As an extra thank you to groups of volunteers from England Athletics affiliated clubs, LME is offering the following:

Number of volunteers from one club Number of guaranteed places in the 2024 TCS London Marathon
15 volunteers One place
25 volunteers Two places
36 volunteers Three places
More than 45 volunteers Contact

If your club is interested in providing a group of volunteers, please contact Dominic Henderson (email: for more details.

Please note, this specific offer of guaranteed places in the 2024 TCS London Marathon for volunteers at the Brighton Marathon is in addition to the London Marathon places that affiliated England Athletics clubs get automatically when registering athletes over the age of 18 with England Athletics, one of the many benefits clubs receive through affiliation.

Thank you for your help and we hope to see you at the Brighton Marathon on Sunday 2 April.