Update: Guide Running guidance

British Blind Sport & England Athletics update on Guide Running guidance (4 August 2020)

As lockdown restrictions across the UK are being changed, British Blind Sport has been working closely with England Athletics to update guidance on the status of guide running in England.

The government recommendations are that people remain 2 metres apart, or 1 metre with extra protection measures, therefore we understand that extra modification is essential on account of a disability or impairment.

As such, guide running can once again begin to take place as long as both guide and visually impaired runner fully understand the increased risk associated with the activity and follow the mitigations included in the updated guidance.

Guide running should ideally take place with participants running side by side and should only take place outdoors. You should maintain social distancing from other people when out running and ensure that hands are washed before and after activity. We also recommend that running tethers are thoroughly cleaned between uses.

Ideally, where possible both parties should be from within the same household, or support bubble, to decrease risk of the virus spreading. However, if this is not possible then guide running should take place between the same pair until further lifting of restrictions are advised (i.e. guide runners only run with one VI runner and vice versa). It is also important that guide and VI runner have up to date contact details for one another, for track and trace purposes.

Please be aware that neither British Blind Sport nor England Athletics can take responsibility for any risk, injury or illness incurred during guide running and that all participants must fully understand the risk that they are taking on by resuming this activity.

Please click here to view the latest England Athletics guidance documents and updates - including the three documents that contain the latest guide running guidance for Athletes & Runners, Coaches & Leaders, and Road Running Coaches.

If you have any queries for British Blind Sport, please get in touch by emailing or phoning the BBS office on 01926 424247.