New Women in Coaching Programme webinar series

England Athletics, in collaboration with British Athletics, has launched a new Women in Coaching Programme. The programme will focus on providing development opportunities to help upskill female coaches, officials, volunteers and other support staff whilst also addressing the issues of gender inequality in specific areas of the sport and providing a network and support system for women in athletics and running.

Click here for details and to sign-up for the new free Women in Coaching Programme webinar series – an online opportunity designed to support, motivate and develop women in roles across athletics and running. The webinars will focus on a range of topics and will give participants access to a host of successful and inspirational women operating in our sport. The first sessions available include 'An Evening with Jo Coates' (19:00 on 17 Feb 2021) and 'The Truth about Confidence with Jules Wyman' (19:00 on 3 March 2021).

The Women in Coaching Programme acts as an umbrella under which three key issues will be addressed:

1) Provide a network/support system for women in athletics:

  • through regular group meetings and development opportunities. The women taking part in this programme will be able to access ongoing support and motivation as they develop in their roles and careers.

2) Provide upskilling opportunities for female participants:

  • such as presentation skills training, access to team coach training and confidence coaching.
    The focus will be to highlight developmental pathways within our sport and to provide access to expertise.

3) Addressing the issues that have caused the gender imbalance within specific areas of our sport (i.e. track and field coaching):

  • ensuring that opportunities are made available within our sport in a fair and equitable manner moving forward. This must become standard practice for all organisations if we are to make real change to women in athletics.