Daisy shares her path into endurance officiating: from injury to the Olympic Marathon trials

Experienced Endurance Official Daisy Gladstone shares how an injury opened the door to an exciting role in the sport.

How did you get into officiating?

"I got injured, like so many runners, but wanted to keep involved with my club so started helping out at cross-country events - a front row seat to see my friends competing!"

Has becoming an endurance official helped your understanding of the sport?

"Being an endurance official has helped my own running as I understand why you are asked to do certain things, or why a course might be laid out the way it is."

What advice would you give to people looking to get into endurance officiating?

"Buy some warm socks and a good hat! It's a very rewarding way of giving back to the sport."

Do you have a favourite story from endurance officiating?

"It was amazing to be part of the British Olympic marathon trials in Kew Gardens, just a really special location and great to see a return to racing post-pandemic."