Endurance pathway

County Officials’ Secretaries (Endurance)

Your County Officials’ Secretary (COfSec) is a vital link between you as an official “on the ground” and meeting organisers, UKA and England Athletics. Your County Officials’ Secretary can help support you with finding events to attend in your area to gain your experience, provide guidance and advice around upgrading, and also help to identify and arrange training courses that are required for clubs and counties.

Building a good relationship with your County Officials’ Secretary (COfSec) is very beneficial for you as an official. It also, in turn, helps event and meeting organisers in having the right officials at their event.

Tri-Regional Groups

In England the Tri Regional Groups also have a role in coordinating the needs of officials.

The three Tri-Regional groupings are the Northern group (North East, North West and Yorkshire and Humberside), the Southern Group (East, London and South East) and the Midlands and South Western Group (East Midlands, West Midlands and South West).

Records of Experience for certain levels and disciplines are also returned to the relevant person at the Tri Regional Group and they have a role in supporting the progression of officials.

Record of Experience (Endurance)

Completing your Record of Experience is an important way of evidencing your officiating skills. Returning the form to the relevant person helps with ensuring that your experiences are noted, that you can be matched to relevant future officiating roles and identified for suitable development and progression.

As part of the normal reporting of your officiating duties your completed Official’s Record of Experience form (also known previously as the Duty Sheet or The Official’s Worksheet) is due on 21 August (for Endurance, 30 September for Track & Field) each year.

You can complete the form throughout the year.

Please note this form is also used as part of the process for progressing to higher levels of officiating – the process for that is given in our Officiating Qualifications section.

You can complete a blank Excel spreadsheet template offline, then email or print and post, or use the online version on the myAthletics portal (Trinity)

The form can be used to record officiating at competition (C), attendance at meetings (M), attendance at training in which you were the learner (L) and training for which you were the tutor (T). Both Track and Field and Endurance experiences can be recorded and separate Records of Experience can be downloaded for both Track and Field and Endurance.

Assistant Official and Level 1

Please return your completed application for accreditation form which includes details on page 2 of the officiating experiences you’ve had to your County Officials’ Secretary.

Level 2

Please return your completed application for accreditation form which includes details on page 2 of the officiating experiences you’ve had to your County Officials’ Secretary.

Level 3

Please return your completed Record of Experience form to your (T&F or Endurance) County Officials’ Secretary.

  • Officials in the North (North East, North West, Yorkshire & Humberside) should also return their form to Arwel Williams ArwelWilliams@aol.com
  • Officials in the South (East, London, South East) should also return their form to Nick Folwell nicholas.folwell@btinternet.com.

Levels 4 and 5

Please return your completed Record of Experience to:

Use of Record of Experience form for qualifications

For Level 2 and up, the Record of Experience Form will also be needed to be used to show what you have done as part of your application to progress to a higher level. This is the same form as the one you complete each year as an official. However, when this form is being used for the purpose of applying to progress to a higher level you need to give details of experiences that are relevant to the qualification you are seeking and to also send the form to the relevant person for the accreditation process. See the Officiating Qualifications section for more details.

Event Organisers of Road and Multi-Terrain Races

Information on the runbritain Race Directors’ Club and becoming an Event Adjudicator are available on the runbritain website.

The runbritain Race Directors’ Club has been created to help race organisers to deliver better events. After registering and logging in you can access a range of resources

As part of the event licensing process you also are then entitled to access the runbritain Race Director Courses at accredited and intermediate level.

Race Directors’ course

The next runbritain Race Directors’ course is scheduled for Saturday 21 March 2020 and will be held at Sport Wales National Centre, Cardiff. This is a one day course for which a certificate of attendance is given and lunch and teas/coffees are provided. The capacity for the course is 30; and bookings are taken on a first come first served basis.

Click here for more information and to book


Whilst this course is being held in Wales, it is open to anyone associated with a licenced race in England and with it being in Cardiff is easily accessible to those in the South West in particular.

Gun to Tape

Gun to Tape is an introductory workshop which aims to help distance running clubs, and new or existing event organisers putting on road or multi-terrain races. This introductory workshop aims to provide clubs with both inspiration and information around setting up a new event or revitalizing an existing one.

The workshop provides attendees with an introduction to a range of considerations when putting on an event and provides opportunity to share best practise and learn from the experiences of other clubs and volunteers.

  • Understanding the running market
  • Inclusive events
  • Marketing and promotion
  • How to get started and planning
  • Volunteers and officials,
  • Risk assessment and safety

Please note that in addition to this introductory workshop the runbritain Race Director courses offer more in-depth training at accredited and intermediate level.

If you are interested in attending a Gun to Tape workshop or would like to request a workshop for your area please contact us at roadrunning@englandathletics.org

Traffic Management

Traffic Management is an important aspect of race management and the procedure for acquiring permissions for races to take place on highways and the closure of roads will vary across local authorities. Further guidance on this can be found at:

    • The Race Director Handbook can be accessed from the Race Directors’ Club after registering at runbritain.com


Whilst not an essential requirement of race licensing, some local authorities may request that event organisers and volunteers have completed a Traffic Management course.  Regardless of whether or not this is an essential requirement, a Traffic Management course will help ensure that your volunteers are familiar with the safety and legal requirements of managing traffic for your event. Traffic Management courses are also a good way of ensuring your volunteers feel confident in their abilities to carry out their role as well as ensuring your event meets the highest standards possible.

Clubs looking to send volunteers on Traffic Management courses may want to consider either of the following options. Both are one day courses, tailored towards volunteers running community events on the highways. Costs may vary across event providers. Please contact the respective training providers for further information. In addition to these courses, England Athletics offers a Traffic Management Refresher Course. Click here to find out more.

TESS Group: Chapter 8 Course (8 hours / 1 day course). Awarding Body: NCFE

This course is for anyone working at an event, street, or a sports ground as it will provide a national qualification but without taking weeks to complete. Include a Chapter 8 Card to prove you have gone through and passed the training.

Click here to find out more

LANTRA: Traffic Management for Community Events (1 day course). Awarding Body: Lantra

This training is aimed at event organisers or individuals that have responsibility for Traffic Management of organised events working in conjunction with local Highway Authority, the Police and other authorities and persons as appropriate. You will be issued with a skill identity card and certificate valid for 5 years.

Click here to find out more

Click here for a full list of LANTRA providers