Course promotion resources

Course promotion resources

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Whether you are a club looking to encourage more people to get involved as a coach or an official, or an organisation that understands the value of having qualified volunteers in your area this page has resources to help you.

It has downloadable resources to help you enable people to identify the correct qualification for them and tell them about courses in your area.

Some of the resources are specifically designed for use by affiliated clubs, others are more generic.

Our Volunteering section at has additional general resources around recruiting, retaining and rewarding volunteers.

You can view more Marketing & Awareness resources for your club here

People interested in coaching may also want to use the British Athletics uLearn online decision tree. If you are already a coach/ leader you can use your licence URN for your next step options to be identified. Or you can use the 'Not registered yet' option if you are new to coaching/ leading

General Coaching Image 1Qualification guides

In the table below you can download leaflets that tell you about the qualifications you can take. Each includes information on:

  • Who should go on this course
  • What you will learn
  • What the qualification will enable you to do


 Qualification Downloadable leaflet (PDF)
Leading Athletics Leading Athletics - leaflet
Coaching Assistant Coaching Assistant - leaflet
Athletics Coach Athletics Coach - leaflet
Leadership in Running Fitness

Leadership in Running Fitness

Coach in Running Fitness Coach in Running Fitness - leaflet
Officials - Assistant Assistant Offcial - Track & Field - leaflet
Officials - Level 1 Endurance
and Risk Awareness
Officials - Level 1 Endurance and Risk Awareness - leaflet
Officials - Level 2 Track and Field Officials - Level 2 Track and Field - leaflet


General Coaching Image 2Athletics Coaching course posters

Below you can find posters which your affiliated club or organisation can use to promote relevant courses being held near you.

There are different versions for affiliated clubs due to the discounts available through these clubs.

Generic version Affiliated Club version
Coaching assistant - non-club Coaching assistant - affiliated club
Athletics coach - non-club Athletics coach - affiliated club
Leadership in Running Fitness - non-club Leadership in Running Fitness -  affiliated club
Coach in Running Fitness - non-club Coach in Running Fitness - affiliated club

Clubhouse posters

These posters have been produced for clubs to use to encourage parents to get involved with coaching at their club.

Description Download
You can make a difference You can make a difference
Young athletes need coaches Young athletes need coaches
Your club volunteers need your help Your club volunteers need your help
Which coaching or leadership course is for you? Course Decision Tree poster