Sport Science Support

Sport Science Support

Exercise Physiology

Thisis the study of how exercise alters the function and structure of the body. A sports physiologist examines the acute responses and chronic adaptations to athletic performance in a variety of environments. The physiologist possesses a wide-ranging understanding of the body, enabling them to advise athletes and coaches of how training and preparation influence competition performance.

Physiology can improve an athlete’s performance by giving important objective information which can help coaches to adapt training programmes to maximise their desired outcome. This will depend on many factors including the environment, diet, gender, age and health.


Biomechanics is the scientific discipline which studies mechanical parameters of human motion. In sport, it can help to improve performance by means of developing more effective motion technique as well as to avoid injury.

Biomechanists can use a wide range of tools: instrumented measurements using force platforms, 3D video analysis, speed guns and high speed cameras, electro-miography to name a few.  Testing can take place both within the lab as well as the field which could include analysing the performance of an athlete in training and competition.

This can help diagnose any problems which might be limiting sporting potential and with close consultation with the athletes coach, training patterns may be altered to rectify the problem. The impact this can have on an athletes' performance is significant


Physiotherapy aids injury prevention and assists in the rehabilitation of athletes back to normal performance levels.  A physiotherapist does not work in isolation but relies on the expertise of the coach, the strength and conditioning coach and the sports doctor.

Soft Tissue Therapist

Soft tissue therapy is the treatment of soft tissue structures during training, competition and injury aiding recovery, helping in the prevention of injuries and being heavily involved in prehabilitiation.  Soft tissue therapy is a speciality in its own right, specialist soft tissue therapists offer a very skilful service.

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